ArtSong™ is a versatile MIDI-based algorithmic music composition system
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ArtSong is a program that allows to compose any music style by generating and organizing music materials. This program can be used by composers, musicians and music hobbyists. The program contains different Components - “building blocks”, which you can combine to create your music project. Each project can be a whole music composition or just a part of a larger one. ArtSong includes over 30 various algorithm plugins, such as Random algorithm, ImageMapper, ChaosMapper, TextMapper, Envelope and Control algorithms with 8 distribution functions: chaos attractors, image to music, text to music, meter, chord progression generators. The Components contain the main data (notes, MIDI controller value, chords, scales and others), while algorithms only control these data generation during the composition process.
Also there is a Note Editor that allows to add comments of individual note events. The program allows to create unlimited quantity of tracks and algorithms for one project. Moreover, you can create entire scores directly or in real time while playing. The project can be saved as MIDI, ArtSong project or CSound score files. Also you can convert MIDI files to ArtSong projects automatically. The project you created, presets, data patterns can be saved for further use.

Julia Galygo
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  • Over 30 algorithm plugins.
  • Unlimited tracks and algorithms for project.
  • Directly composes an entire score.


  • Not free.
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